What is a Digital Garden?

I (Niky Dix) have been inspired to create this Digital Garden, to help people flourish.

Gardens that help people flourish in life are not new! Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote about a secret garden that improved the health of a little boy back in 1911!

This Garden is not a secret Garden though, it’s a Digital Garden! A public place, where all are welcome! Though just like Frances Hodgson Burnett’s Garden, I hope it breathes life into all who visit :)

I was inspired by Maggie Appleton, who herself was inspired by some other really clever people! I hope to use this Garden to share my learning, as I study Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

A Digital Garden is different from a traditional website or blog in 2 ways.

1) A blog typically focuses on a single topic at once (though it may contain hyper links through to other topics), and has a pubished date.

If I was to share my learning in a traditional blog, I would learn something in private, then write about it, then publish it, and eventually you might read it.

A digital Garden is different.

It is not finished work that is published in one go. Instead, I write as I learn so the content grows and evolves, just like a real Garden! As I learn and write about it in here, you will be able to peek in and learn with me!

A digital Garden is also different because it’s not a stream of content. Instead, it is known as Topographic! This means all the different posts and articles create a landscape of different but related topics, that can be freely explored, again, just like a real garden!

You can chose your path through the Garden, depending on what you want to explore! I think of it like one of those ‘choose your own adventure stories’

You can follow my learning by visiting my Garden, or signing up for my Garden Digest below!